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Please add your Feedback and Views regarding Tehsil Visit. Leave your comments for Each Tehsil Visit.


Comments on: "Views Shared by TF after Tehsil Visit" (3)

  1. Great Initiative….make blogging a great success….

  2. I visited 5 ITGKs of Phulera Tehsil on 30-06-2012 . At one of ITGK named Universal Computer System,Sambhar Lake,i was surprised to see that 2nd and 5th standard class student is enrolled in RS-CIT June-2012 batch. One is a boy and other one is a girl. they both are doing Take a Challenge activity without any help. They did 5-6 Take a challenge in my presence. I appreciate their will power and eagerness to learn so seriously in such age group. We give some suggestions to ITGK Owner for enchancing enthusiasm to such age gropu kids.

    • Dear Sanjay, You have taken great initiative, Keep it up, Other ITGKS will take inspiration from it. Thank you to motivating all to make good learning Environment . Meghraj Jangid PSA Parth

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